You God of Life, you , You Lord of Love
All men live when you shine.

You are the crowned King of the Gods.
The goddess ISIS embraces you,
and enfolds you in all seasons.
Those who follow you sing to you with joy,
and they bow down their foreheads to the earth
In gratitude for your radiant blessings.

O RA, You the King of Truth, the Lord of Eternity,
The Prince of Everlastingness,
You Sovereign of all Gods,
You God of Life, you Creator of Eternity,
You Maker of Heaven.
All the Gods rejoice at your rising.

O RA, You giver of all life,
The Earth rejoice when it sees your golden rays
People who have been long dead
come forward with cries of joy
to behold your beauties every day.
You go forth each day over Heaven and Earth.

O RA God of Life, you Lord of Love,
All men live when you shine.

This wasn’t written or drawn by me and I take no credit for it. I do not claim it as my own.

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